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Another Reason SC Government-Run Schools Are Terrible



Last month we profiled an amazing private sector school in South Carolina that’s serving children with disabilities and special needs (a school which recently received a special visit from S.C. Rep. Beth Bernstein).

Unfortunately, most special needs students are shuffled into the Palmetto State’s failing government-run schools – where they do not receive the attention (or education) they deserve.

They’re also viewed as potential terrorists, it would appear …

According to WYFF TV 4 (NBC – Greenville-Spartanburg), 13-year-old Rhett Parham – who is autistic – has been suspended indefinitely by the local school district for drawing a picture of a bomb from one of his favorite video games, Bomberman 64.

No really … this happened. The school is conducting a “thorough investigation” into the drawing and may even expel this poor kid if it determines he engaged in threatening behavior unrelated to his disability.

What a joke …

“I’m angry,” Parham’s mother Amy told the station. “I’m upset and I’m incredulous, honestly, that a child could come in and bring a drawing and that’s somehow perceived as a threat — especially someone with special needs who really doesn’t filter information the same way that typical children do.”

Exactly …

Here’s WYFF reporter Mandy Gaither’s exclusive report on this Upstate government goat show …

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