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Beth Bernstein Visits “Miracle Factory”



Recently this website profiled The Barclay School – an independent (a.k.a. private sector) learning environment that specializes in teaching children with various developmental disabilities.

Our story – which you can read HERE – got quite a response, as it should have.

“The Barclay School is one of dozens of private schools with specialized programs for disabled children ready to meet the needs of thousands of children who are being failed by the government-run status quo,” we wrote.

In fact state lawmakers – in a rare moment of coherent, well-intentioned thought – created a mechanism for parents of special needs children to seek out such environments (a small first step toward the broader goal of universal parental choice).

Anyway … earlier this month The Barclay School received a visit from S.C. Rep. Beth Bernstein (D-Columbia), who was recently elected to a moderate district in the Midlands region of the state.



“She was really moved,” a source close to the lawmaker tells FITS.

In fact Bernstein has reportedly undertaken an effort to help the school gather supplies and books for its children.

“Beth was great with the kids,” one of the school’s founders said of Bernstein’s visit. “She listened to them intently and really engaged each one.”

Good for Bernstein …

Far too many politicians in South Carolina (Democrats and Republicans) refuse to even explore what the education marketplace has to offer – choosing instead to reflexively dump more money into failed government-run schools.

Obviously we don’t expect one lawmaker’s visit to an aspiring free market alternative to change that underlying mindset, but Bernstein is to be commended for at least giving this school a chance.

Let’s hope more lawmakers follow her lead … and more importantly let’s hope more children are permitted to find academic environments like this one that are actually meeting their needs.

Banner Pic: Travis Bell Photography

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