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SCDP: Haley Dodging Medicaid Issue



Charleston, SC – Governor Haley spoke to nearly 1,000 Medicaid experts from across the country at a conference in Charleston today and, not surprisingly, side-stepped one of her most controversial decisions– the choice to put politics over people and not bring tax dollars home to expand access to Medicaid for working families. Following the conference, two Charleston-area representatives responded to the Governor’s inability to put South Carolina first.

“There’s a reason that Governor Haley did not highlight her opposition to Medicaid expansion in today’s health care speech: because she once again put politics ahead of the people and economy of our state and the experts know that’s nothing to be proud of,” said Rep. David Mack of Charleston. “Sending South Carolina taxpayers’ dollars to another state just to make an ideological, political point is absurd.  This is not about being Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal or Tea Party. This is about protecting our federal tax dollars by making sure they are put to work here at home creating 44,000 jobs and improving access to health care.”

Republican governors around the country – even some of the largest opponents to Obamacare – put politics aside for the benefit of their states. Here in South Carolina, the Charleston Chamber of Commerce, Hospital Association, and leaders from around the state strongly urged the Governor to consider the economic impact which includes creating 44,000 jobs according to a report by the USC Moore School of Business. But Nikki Haley chose Tea Party ideology and put politics over a common-sense solutions for her home state.

“South Carolina continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and yet Governor Haley chose to make a political point instead of creating 44,000 jobs and bringing our tax dollars home to help local doctors’ offices, nurses, hospitals and families around the state,” said Rep. Joe Jefferson of Berkley. “Given that so many in the audience had already come out in support of Medicaid expansion – it’s no wonder Nikki Haley didn’t want to remind them of her opposition to this common-sense measure. South Carolina needs a leader who’s not afraid to tackle the tough issues and stand up for the people of our state at every turn.”

Governor Haley’s political decision has ripple effects on the local economy in Charleston and around the state: Without the funds from Medicaid expansion, MUSC, which employs 12,500 people, could have to cut 1,200 jobs; vendors and other businesses who work with the hospital could see their business reduced, and; throughout the state, working families will continue to struggle to pay for health care costs.

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