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Tom Rice Pressured On Syria Vote



U.S. Rep. Tom Rice (RINO-S.C.) is being blasted for not heeding the wishes of his district by taking a firm stand against American intervention in the Syrian civil war.

Along with U.S. Reps. Jim Clyburn and Joe Wilson, Rice is currently “undecided” on whether to support a resolution authorizing military force against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier this week Rice asked his constituents to vote in an online poll on the issue, and a whopping 71 percent of respondents said they opposed authorizing military strikes against Syrian. Rice remained unconvinced, though, saying he “will listen to the President’s argument for retaliation.”

Wait … retaliation?


What in the hell is this doofus talking about? Did Syria attack America and somebody forget to tell us?

Sheesh …

Limited government advocates in Rice’s district are not pleased with his stance.

“He requested responses from and got with a resounding “NO” from the people he represents in the U.S. House,” the website Carolina Patriots noted.

Indeed. Rice needs to get a clue. He may be a warmongering Lindsey Graham wanna-be, but this is a gut check vote – and one he better get right. It’s also a major test for S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, whose endorsement provided Rice with his margin of victory in last year’s GOP primary.

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