“Republican” seventh congressional district nominee Tom Rice is convinced that his recent win over former S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer was all about people’s evolving ideologies.  Specifically Rice believes that the Tea Party movement in South Carolina is kaput – and that voters in the Palmetto State are ready to embrace more “moderate” Republicans.

That’s why Rice has decided to hire numerous operatives affiliated with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) to run his general election campaign against Democrat Gloria Tinubu.

“Tom Rice is living up to his claim of being more like the moderate of the two sitting U.S. senators from South Carolina,” reports John Sweeney from “Rice, who opened a new campaign headquarters Saturday in Florence, has three top campaign staffers with ties to the state’s senior senator, Lindsay Graham.”

Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC)

Makes sense, right?  After all Rice is a fiscal liberal/ crony capitalist just like Graham … and he’s made it perfectly clear that when he goes to Washington, D.C. in January 2013 he will not be voting with fiscal conservatives like Mick Mulvaney and Jeff Duncan.

He’ll be voting with Graham … oh, and U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn.

Who will he be serving?  Well along with other interests he’ll be in the pocket of the “Myrtle Beach Mafia,” a corrupt cabal of coastal tourism leaders that routinely shakes down taxpayers for marketing subsidies. In fact, several key figures associated with this cabal are currently under investigation by the FBI and the IRS for their role in the “Coastal Kickback,” an infamous campaign finance scandal involving a bunch of other “Republican” politicians.

These are Rice’s masters … not the taxpayers. And his decision to employ the same neocon sleaze brigade that’s been peddling Graham’s faux “conservatism” is yet another indication that’s he’s going “all in” with the status quo.

Wait … didn’t Nikki Haley promise that Rice would watch out for South Carolina’s best interests if elected?

“I know what Tom Rice will do,” Haley said in endorsing Rice. “He’ll fight for us. He’ll make sure that he does the right thing and he’ll support us as we continue to fight the issues in Washington.”

Hmmmm …

One area where Rice is living up to Haley’s example?  Nepotism …

Just take a look at his campaign disclosure file … it’s littered with salary payments to relatives …

Pic: FEC

In fact we’re told Rice was planning on taking at least two of his family members to Congress with him until he was told that it’s against the law to hire relatives to your taxpayer-funded office.

And speaking of taxpayer-funded offices, we’re told that Rice was planning to locate one of his Congressional offices in a building that he owns until he was informed that that, too, is against the law.

So much for “fighting for us” right?

For the last two years the Republican congressional delegation from South Carolina has been a rare example of politicians voting in a manner consistent with their campaign rhetoric.  Even longtime RINO Joe Wilson has seen the error of his ways (to some extent) and started voting the right way more frequently.


He’ll enter the U.S. Congress as one of the most fiscally liberal Republicans in Washington … another status quo hack looking out for No. 1 with other people’s money.