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The Liberal MSM “Hates” House Of Cards



We’ve effusively praised Netflix’s House of Cards (as well as the network’s other big original hit, Orange is the New Black). Why? Because both programs are genius, that’s why.

Oh, and the marketplace agrees with us … 

Starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara, Cards is a gripping portrayal of the shameless self-interest which drives decision making in Washington, D.C. Unless of course you believe the liberal mainstream media, in which case the show is full of hot air.

According to Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post – the arch-protector of status quo politicians in both the Democratic and “Republican” parties – Cards‘ depiction of politics inside the Beltway is inaccurate and insulting to America’s “beneficent” ruling class.

In fact Cillizza goes so far as to say he “hatesHouse of Cards because, according to him, it portrays the key players in our nation’s capital as being motivated “almost exclusively by self interest, money, power or some combination of all three.”

Yeah … wonder what on earth could have given anybody that idea?

“Painting the D.C. scene with such a broad everyone-here-is-as-bad-as-you-think brush makes it that much harder for people to assume the best (or, at least, not the worst) about the people they send to the nation’s capitol to represent them,” he concludes.

Really, dude? Really?

God forbid we lose faith in our leaders …

Cillizza also blasts the show as “offensive to female reporters everywhere” for daring to suggest that women use sex and flirtation to get ahead in politics.

“That’s a remarkably insulting idea,” he writes.

Yeah. Because how else would this website’s balding, woefully-out-of-shape founding editor – then press secretary for former Gov. Mark Sanford – been able to bang virtually every hot female reporter in the state during his four-year run with the “Luv Gov.”

He must have had one magnetic personality …

Look, we get that Cillizza has a job to do (here and here), but his column rebuking Cards and vouching for the integrity of the D.C. establishment is laughable. Of course the good news is it will likely cost him some credibility when it comes time for him to gum the most liberal Republican in the 2016 GOP primary (prior to gumming Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election).

So in that sense, we’re glad he wrote what he did …