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Columbia Police Poll?



Columbia, S.C. residents are being polled about their views on local law enforcement, sources familiar with a recent survey tell FITS.

A company operating under the name “Conquest Research” (ostensibly based out of Virginia) reportedly polled Columbia residents this week on the upcoming November 2013 mayor’s race. But the firm’s questions also addressed the current status of law enforcement (or lack thereof) in South Carolina’s capital city.

“A lot of the questions had misleading or limited answers such as: Do you feel more protected by the City of Columbia Police or the Richland County Sheriff’s department?” said one individual who was called by pollsters.

Wait … you mean there was no option for choosing the local “thug life” judges?

Honestly we don’t really care who commissioned this poll. It doesn’t matter. We are witnessing the first stages of what we predict will eventually be remembered as the second coming of William Tecumseh Sherman.

Hide the women and children. Bury the silver. Etc.