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NYT Sends Food Critic To Cover US Senate Race



We knew times were tight for the uber-liberal mainstream media these days (oh, that crazy marketplace of ideas) but sending a food critic to cover a U.S. Senate race? Has it really gotten that bad?

For The New York Times, apparently so …

Food critic Kim Severson does her best with the Palmetto State’s U.S. Senate race – in which incumbent “Republican in Name Only” Lindsey Graham has drawn a trio of challengers, S.C. Sen. Lee Bright, social conservative attorney Richard Cash and Lowcountry businesswoman Nancy Mace.

According to Severson, Mace is “the challenger whose political star is rising the fastest.”

Mmmmm … rising.

“Mace is also the biggest target so far, in part because of her connection to a political gossip Web site called FitsNews, which she helped create in her role as a Web designer and media manager,” Severson reports.

She adds …

Will Folks, once a press secretary for Representative Mark Sanford and a former political consultant for Governor Haley, runs the site, which consistently attacks the governor. In 2010, Mr. Folks claimed to have had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Ms. Haley two weeks before the election in her highly competitive bid for governor.

The claims were never proved, and Ms. Haley, who is heading into a campaign for her second term next year, has long said it was just another example of underhanded South Carolina politics.

Oh really?

Our founding editor’s official response to Severson’s story?

Yeah …

Oh, we hope Severson remembers to refrigerate the batter and use solid vegetable shortening to coat the inside of the pan (preferably using a pastry brush). Oh, we hope she doesn’t use one of those brightly colored silicone bundt pans either. They tend to buckle – and there is nothing in the world our founding editor hates more than “lopsided bundt.”

But who are we to tell a food critic such things?