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Nancy Mace Rips Lindsey Graham On Syria



U.S. Senate candidate Nancy Mace ripped “Republican” incumbent Lindsey Graham for his support of America’s involvement in the ongoing Syrian Civil War. Specifically, Mace blasted Graham for supporting U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to send arms to Syrian rebels – including al-Qaeda soldiers who have committed brutal executions of Christian missionaries.

“It would be nice if Sen. Graham wanted to stop sending U.S. arms to al-Qaeda in Syria,” Mace said.

Mace’s comments came in the wake of Graham’s insistence that an American-born al-Qaeda spokesman, Adam Gadahn, be denied his constitutional right to due process.

On that count, Mace appears to agree with Graham.

“Any American who takes up arms against his own country should be tried for treason,” she said. “Any American involved in active combat against other Americans should be killed on the spot.”

Of course she added that “we should respect the bill of rights and the protections of citizenship whenever possible.”

According to Mace, Graham “already believes in treating every American as a potential terrorist through the NSA,” referring to Graham’s enthusiastic support of America’s domestic spying initiative.

“I will always side with the Constitution over Sen. Graham’s judgment,” she said.

FITS reached out to both of Graham’s other declared rivals – S.C. Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg) and Piedmont, S.C. businessman Richard Cash – in an effort to get their thoughts on Graham’s conflicted al-Qaeda stance, but neither was immediately available for comment.