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Lee Bright Runs Glenn Beck Gauntlet



S.C. Senator Lee Bright appeared on national television/ radio host Glenn Beck’s show this week – the second challenger to U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham to appear on the program in as many weeks.

How did Bright do? We’re still waiting on the video clip to be posted, but the early reviews have been pretty complimentary.

“Bright sounded good,” columnist Mark Vogl noted. “He obviously has access to polls about Carolinians feelings on the issues, because he spoke boldly on a number of issues including ‘Grahamnesty’s’ immigration bill.”

“Bright kicked ass on (Beck’s show),” one national operative told FITS, adding that his impressive performance was “unexpected.”

That’s for sure …

As we’ve noted on numerous prior occasions, Bright’s voting record is unimpeachable. He has been an unswerving advocate for freedom and free markets – one of the few genuinely pro-taxpayer elected officials in the entire state of South Carolina. However Bright is

One of Bright’s 2014 primary opponents – Lowcountry businesswoman Nancy Mace – appeared on Beck’s show last week.

Bright and Mace have been duking it out with another social conservative – Piedmont, S.C. businessman¬†Richard Cash¬†– as they vie to become the “anti-Graham” in the 2014 GOP primary.