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It’s A Nice Day For A … Hot Lawyer




That’s Stephanie Nye, an attorney with the S.C. Supreme Court and a fixture on our annual hot lawyer list (a.k.a. the Alicia Florrick award). Earlier this week we officially kicked off this year’s competition with a request for nominations.

So far, the response has been awesome! In fact we’re in the process of creating a spreadsheet of all the nominees which we will be publishing in a few weeks (complete w/ photos).

After receiving your feedback on that post, we’ll release a list of five finalists and let you, our readers, vote on the winner!

Fun times, people … fun times.

How do you nominate someone for this prestigious honor? Easy: Confidentially email us with a picture of the nominee (or a link to their official webpage). Or you can submit their information through our tip wire. Or if you’d like, you can just post their name/ link in the comments section below.


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