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Hang It Up, Mitch McConnell



Mitch McConnell – the “Republican” leader of the U.S. Senate – is running for reelection in 2014 (unfortunately).

This veteran “Republican in Name Only” – who was instrumental in negotiating last year’s fiscal cliff tax hike – is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with the GOP, an aging white man devoid of principle who is utterly beholden to insider special interests. He’s creature of the U.S. Capitol – a slave to the “Evil Empire.”

A welfare statist and crony capitalist, McConnell is also neocon (a.k.a. a global interventionist) and a supporter of the federal government’s domestic spying initiative.

“Basically he spent the entire Bush administration advancing fiscally reckless policies – and has spent the entire Obama administration accommodating the escalation of those same failed policies,” one D.C. insider told us.

McConnell also fought hard in his home state against limited government candidates …

“Mitch McConnell is now the least electable Republican Senator running for reelection in 2014,” a representative of the Senate Conservatives Fund told reporter Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post. “He could lose this race and cost Republicans the majority. He needs to consider whether it might be time to hang it up.”

That’s true …

And ironically, it’s exactly what a spokesman for the¬†Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) said a few short months ago.

But McConnell isn’t some “happy medium” between polar extremes, he’s a guy who fiscal liberals would probably love (assuming he had the right letter behind his name).

Anyway … Kentucky voters have proven capable of electing strong fiscal conservatives to the U.S. Senate (as they did with Rand Paul in 2010).

Unfortunately they can’t do that in 2014 if the current slate holds … which is why McConnell needs to stand aside. Or why a credible third party alternative – one responsive to the true American middle (fiscal conservatism, social libertarianism) – needs to emerge.

Sooner rather than later …


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