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Civil Disobedience On Gambling



Earlier this year I traveled to Mount Pleasant, S.C. to cover the dramatic conclusion of the first congressional district race involving former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford.

On the back deck of the Liberty Tap Room – as Sanford supporters celebrated the completion of his political comeback – I was approached by a FITS reader who engaged me in conversation regarding the upcoming college football season. Specifically, this reader – an avid Clemson fan – expressed supreme confidence in the ability of his beloved Tiger football team to dispatch the Georgia Bulldogs at their big season opener on August 31 in Death Valley.

This game – which will be televised nationally on ABC – is a sure-fire Top Ten showdown, a key early test for a pair of programs with legitimate national championship aspirations (and Heisman Trophy candidates on their rosters).

It’s probably the biggest game Clemson has played in a decade …

Personally, I think the Clemson-Georgia showdown is going to be an incredibly close contest (and unlike certain college football “experts,” I had a pretty good run last year when it came to picking scores).

Accordingly, when this Clemson fan offered me “Georgia plus 10” (a.k.a. a bet in which Clemson must win by more than ten points in order for him to collect winnings from me), I took that action.

That’s right … I placed an illegal bet (for $50, in case you’re wondering) on the outcome of the Clemson-Georgia game.

Why did I do this? Well … beyond the faith I have in my prognostication skills and the fact I have $50 to spare?

Easy …

I am sick and tired of government at all levels telling me what I can and cannot do – and then depriving me of the fruits of my abilities.

Which brings me to the second part of this equation: Assuming I win this bet, I will not be paying taxes on the $50 I earn. That’s right – I’m going to break the law not once, but twice.

And so should you … repeatedly, if you want.

If the government is going to continue to run its own gambling operation – while at the same time declaring private sector gambling illegal – then free citizens should feel no compunction whatsoever in claiming these rights for themselves.

I certainly don’t …

More fundamentally, if government is going to continue to do everything within its power to suppress our ability to make a living, the further underground we must go. And while I will certainly never “make a living” off of gambling, people should not be prohibited from doing so …

And those who wish to engage their bookmaking services should not be prohibited from doing so either …

This isn’t the first time my website has advocated civil disobedience … and if government continues to hypocritically monopolize entire segments of the free market to sustain its own incompetence and inefficiency, it won’t be the last.