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GOP Committeeman Accused Of Sexual Assault



Despite some pretty bizarre revelations about his personal life from one of his ex-wives and his illegitimate daughter, establishment GOP hack Earl Capps was nonetheless chosen as a state executive committeeman earlier this year by “Republicans” in Lancaster County, S.C.

Gotta love the backwoods of the Palmetto State, right?

Anyway the small-time blogger – who loves to threaten his enemies with the wrath of his penny-ante website – campaigned on “Republican values,” but the reports from his relatives paint a much different picture of the party official. According to both women, Capps has a long history of cross-dressing, swinging and bisexuality.

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This week, FITS has received reports from another one of Capps’ ex-girlfriends detailing much darker fetishes. The woman – who dated Capps from June to September 2010 (and again from April to June 2011) – details the extent of Capps alleged swinging, bisexuality as well as his supposed love of violent, forced intercourse.

“I was introduced to the world of sex with strange men, often more than one at a time,” she tells FITS. “He told me that he enjoyed watching the person he cared about having sex with strange black men, and he would often join in, performing oral sex on them. He told me that he wished that I would become pregnant during one of these encounters, and give birth to a mixed baby.”

Whoa …

According to the woman, Capps abandoned her shortly after she lost a baby to miscarriage – and after he was accused of having an affair with then-S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley (a claim he never denied).

“He and I parted ways after I had a miscarriage and he hauled ass to protect his own reputation during the Nikki Haley scandal rather than comfort me,” she says.

Several months later, though, the woman says she became involved with Capps again – only to find him a much darker lover.

“This time he was violent,” she says. “He had always expressed fantasies of killing me, including choking me during sex until I would black out, but now he would slap, kick, and punch me. His nickname for me was ‘slut.’ Earl Capps doesn’t comprehend the word ‘no,’ and his excuse for sexually assaulting me one night was ‘he was tired and didn’t hear me tell him no.'”

The woman never filed an incident report against Capps, but she says his repeated sexual assaults caused her to break up with him in June of 2011. She also says she was shocked by some of Capps’ alleged sexual admissions.

“One night he told me that he used to watch his daughter and her boyfriend have sex while she was still a teenager,” the woman claims.

Wow …

Prior to their breakup, however, the woman posted numerous ads to Craigslist – allegedly at Capps’ insistence – seeking black male partners for group sex.

“If you’re orally bi (sexual) that’s awesome, as he loves to suck cock,” one of the posts read.

Another post in search of “many big thick black cocks” referred to Capps watching the action and “possibly taking pictures.”

Capps was elected as Lancaster’s executive committeeman two months ago. His term runs through April of 2015.


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