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The Secret Life Of Earl Capps



Earl Capps is a South Carolina political blogger who briefly gained fame in 2010 when he refused to deny rumors of an illicit sexual relationship with then-S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley.

“I’m not going to admit or deny that one,” Capps said at the time. “I am not going to address those allegations at this time until I figure out what someone has gotten a hold of. That is my official position.”

That’s an interesting quote, isn’t it? Very carefully (and suggestively) phrased if you ask us …

Anyway, Haley never specifically addressed the allegations involving Capps – and he quickly receded back into the relative obscurity of his website, The Blogland of Earl Capps.

What sort of juice does Capps have these days? Well, if you’re running for chairman of the Bumfuck County GOP, he’s a good friend to have. He’s also developed a reputation as a real thug when it comes to going after his political opponents – reportedly threatening to expose salacious details of their personal lives if they don’t do what he wants.

More on that in a moment …

In the meantime, Capps is mounting his own campaign to be elected “Republican” executive committeeman from Lancaster County, S.C. In fact he’s rounded up numerous other GOP activists and convinced (compelled?) them to say nice things about his candidacy for this post.

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse Earl on his journey as he strives to be a great committeeman for Lancaster County,” social conservative activist Richie Yow wrote on Capps campaign page. “He will use his ability for the betterment of the people of Lancaster County. Just as he has used his ability to promote republican candidates and Republican Party values.”

“Republican Party values,” eh?

Hmmmm …

That’s interesting …

According to blog comments and social media messages posted by his self-described “illegitimate daughter,” Catherine Blackwell, Capps has a long history of cross-dressing, swinging and bisexuality.

Wait … what? 

That’s right … the father of four (five?) children from three different women also apparently bats from both sides of the plate. In fact there’s reportedly a picture of Capps in drag which appeared in a back issue of a since-discontinued alternative lifestyle magazine called Tapestry.

Needless to say, we’re working on scoring a copy of that publication …

One of Capps’ ex-wives has confirmed the accounts of “bisexuality and cross dressing” to FITS. In fact she is alleged to have first posted these allegations way back in 2007 on a South Carolina political blog called Voting Under The Influence.

Additionally, Capps daughter has accused him of failing to pay sufficient child support – saying he “lied for years to escape paying what he should based on what he earns.”

Ah, Republican values …

Look, we don’t really care what people do behind closed doors. And we certainly don’t care who “Republicans” chose as the leaders of their utterly worthless and hypocritical party. But when thugs like Capps who habitually attack others for their personal failings get caught in compromising and hypocritical situations … you better believe we’ll be there to shove it down their throats.

Of course based on what we now know of Capps, that might be something he’d enjoy …

UPDATE: Let the cover-up begin! The blog Voting Under The Influence has removed the post which referenced Capps’ alleged cross-dressing and bisexuality. Of course a cached version of the post in question is still up … as is this screenshot …