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About Nikki Haley’s “Not Running” For Reelection



It didn’t take us long to accurately diagnose an odd comment made by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley last week in an interview with The Florence (S.C.) Morning News. For those of you who missed it, we’re referring to the by-now infamous interview in which Haley said she could “absolutely see not running” for reelection in 2014 if she didn’t think it was in the best interests of her family.

“If we look and it’s too much on the family, I could absolutely see (not running again),” Haley said.

Ummmm … say huh?

Those of us familiar with Haley knew this comment (like virtually everything that comes out of her word hole) was pure B.S.

“Frankly, we view this story as nothing more than Haley reminding voters of the fact her husband is in Afghanistan – and of her family’s ‘sacrifice’ on our behalf,” we wrote. “She’s running … no doubt about it.”

Now our initial assessment of this breaking news – which has prompted all sorts of speculation about Haley’s intentions – received a conclusive dose of finality this weekend.

According to The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper, the puff piece on Haley that included this news-making quote was written by a reporter who days earlier had been hired by U.S. Rep. Tom Rice (RINO-S.C.) – the fiscally liberal, crony capitalist congressman who owes his seat in Congress to Haley’s endorsement.

“This was Sweeney’s last article before taking a job with (Rice), a Republican who won the 7th Congressional District election with the help of a high-profile endorsement from Haley,” the paper reported Sunday. “Rice’s office announced Sweeney’s hire two weeks ago, and Sweeney continued to work after giving his two-week notice. Common practice in the newspaper biz is when a reporter leaves for a job, he or she avoids writing anything that has the appearance of conflict.”

The State‘s story also mocked Sweeney for referring to himself as a “bloodhound of justice.”

Yeah … more like a lap dog of the governor.

The “Nikki’s not running” story was a plant, people … pure and simple.