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Hello, Miss South Carolina!



South Carolina hasn’t exactly shone on the national stage when it comes to our homegrown beauty queens – unless of course you count the 2007 unearthing of a global map-stealing conspiracy perpetrated by “The Iraq.”

Take a look …

(Click to play)

Yeah … and that dim bulb came from one of the Palmetto State’s best government-run school districts, people.

Anyway, helping to redeem South Carolina is the drop dead gorgeous, “you shoulda heard me just around midnight” Megan Pinckney, the reigning Miss South Carolina USA.

According to her official bio, this 21-year-old Charleston, S.C. native is a senior fashion-merchandising student at the University of South Carolina who “plans to become a buyer for a high-end department store, own her own boutique, build a lifestyle brand, and possibly become the editor of a magazine.”

Wow … she can edit us anytime. Anyway she wants!

Want to help Pinckney in her bid to become Miss USA? Like her official Facebook page and then cast your ballot here!

Good luck, Megan!