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Dabo Swinney Got “Four-Bombed”



When he’s not receiving traffic tickets, Clemson University head football coach Dabo “Dat Boy” Swinney is a likable guy. He loves the fans – especially the children – and is always willing to pose for pictures.

Two young students recently took advantage of his affable “awww shucksness” when they posed for the following picture with the Clemson coach.

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Wait … why is each boy holding up four fingers?

Well, if you’re a University of South Carolina fan you already know the answer to that question … the four fingers symbolize the Gamecocks’ four consecutive victories over Swinney’s Tigers.

“Two of my students met Dat Boy today, acted like they were his friend and punked him!” a proud teacher said of his pupils. “Priceless!”

Yup … that’s a “four-bomb” people.

“What makes it sweeter is that idiot Dabo is clueless,” our source for the photo told us. “Just like normal.”

Awwwww … poor Dabo. Maybe S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley will let him take a free plane ride to feel better … or, maybe not.

Anyway, for the latest status check on both Carolina and Clemson football, click here. Oh, and if you successfully “four-bomb” Swinney or any other member of the Clemson family, send it to us here.