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So The SC Bar Exam Results Are In …



The S.C. Supreme Court released the results of the Palmetto State’s February 2013 bar exam last week … which is always good news for us because it results in extensive bloodletting in our comments section among graduates of South Carolina’s two underperforming law schools.

Seriously … you people haven’t seen bare-knuckled brawling until you’ve witnessed the seersucker wearing legions of the University of South Carolina law school assail the madras-clad hordes from the Charleston School of Law (and vice versa).

Anyway, the February 2013 results are in and both schools actually posted nice gains from the previous year. USC saw its passage rate climb to 75 percent (from 57.8 percent), while CSOL saw its rate climb to 59.2 percent (from 40.3 percent).

As usual, students from South Carolina’s two schools were outperformed by students from “other law schools” – although the gap was smaller this year than it has been in years past.

South Carolina’s bar exam – administered twice annually – has been marred by controversy in previous years. In fact six years ago the Supreme Court threw out an entire section of the exam – allegedly part of an effort to artificially raise the passage rate for CSOL.