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Why Jenny Sanford Is Pissed



Despite her protestations to the contrary, former S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford is actively stoking the controversy involving her ex-husband’s trespassing allegation – which bodes poorly for former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford over the coming three weeks as he tries to complete his political comeback.

Jenny Sanford’s lingering animosity toward the man who publicly humiliated her four years ago is nothing new. In fact she reportedly threw a few jabs his way earlier this year at a funeral for a former staffer at the S.C. Governor’s Mansion. That’s right … at a funeral.

This after turning the whole “woman scorned” thing into a cottage industry …

Of course in Jenny Sanford’s defense her husband publicly humiliated her in 2009 – not only by cheating on her but later by declaring that his Latin lover (now fiancee) Maria Belen Chapur was his “soulmate.”

Ouch …

Also, as it relates to the particulars of the trespassing allegation – Sanford clearly should have known better than to violate the terms of the couple’s divorce decree. The fact he did so – allegedly on repeated occasions – shows colossally poor judgment. Moreover the fact he continued to do so after becoming an announced candidate for the U.S. Congress is stupid on a mind-boggling level.

But what prompted Jenny Sanford (and don’t think for a second she isn’t orchestrating all this) to commence firing on her ex?

According to The Washington Post, it revolves around the former governor having Chapur appear on-stage with him following his victory in the Republican runoff earlier this month.

From the report:

The Washington Post has learned that tensions within the family flared up as recently as April 2, at the celebration of Sanford’s runoff election victory when the former governor thrust two of his sons on-stage with the Argentine woman who was at the center of the spectacular sex scandal that broke up his marriage.

For Sanford’s teenage son Bolton, that very public moment marked the first time he had ever been in the  presence of Maria Belen Chapur.

Sanford’s former wife Jenny confirmed in a text message: “That was indeed Bolton’s first intro and both boys were quite upset and visibly so.”

“Gut punch,” wrote Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza of Jenny Sanford’s comment.

Indeed … the kind Jenny Sanford (who was famously described on Sanford’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign as “an Old Testament woman with a 170 IQ”) is adept at delivering.

UPDATE: As noted in our comment section below by a fact-checker extraordinaire, the 2002 expression in regards to Jenny Sanford was “an Old Testament woman with a 180 IQ.” Our apologies to the former First Lady for shortchanging her 10 IQ points.