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USC Students To Rally For “Campus Carry”



A group of University of South Carolina students is participating in a clever protest aimed at drawing attention to the school’s ongoing denial of their Second Amendment rights.

Members of the group “USC Students for Concealed Carry” will wear empty holsters around campus in an effort to show how licensed and trained gun owners are being left “disarmed and defenseless” by campus gun bans. It’s part of a national effort to demonstrate how these bans are not only imposing on liberty – but actually making students less safe.

“As seen in the many violent crimes committed on and around campus just this semester, the criminals are armed and unafraid,” a release from the group notes. “They know that students make easy targets and that the campus police cannot be everywhere at once. This makes the criminals bold.”

Indeed it does … especially when police are more focused on busting kids for underage drinking than they are on real crime.

“When concealed weapons permit holders are allowed to defend themselves on a college campus … crime decreases,” the group’s release adds. “A look at the crime statistics at colleges in any one of the multiple states that allow campus carry shows this clearly, Colorado being the most notable example in recent news.”

We support this protest … just as we oppose any law at any level which infringes on the right of any American to keep and bear arms.