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Colbert-Busch Releases Internal Polling



Charleston, SC. April 1ST, 2013… Today, the Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress campaign released recent internal poll showing Colbert Busch ahead of both Curtis Bostic and Mark Sanford in potential General Election match-ups.

The poll, conducted by Lake Research Partners,  shows Colbert Busch ahead with 47% to Sanford’s 44%, while also finding Colbert Busch significantly leading Bostic with 48% to his 39%.

The polling also shows Colbert Busch holding a 2-to1 favorability rating at 48% and 24%, while she is viewed “very favorable” in Charleston County at 61% with only 17% viewing her unfavorably.

“It is clear the 1st district is hungry for the real world leadership and business experience that Elizabeth would bring to Washington and her focus on commonsense solutions, fiscal responsibility and creating new jobs clearly resonate with voters,” said campaign spokesman James Smith. “From her time as a single mother of three making $6.25 an hour to her twenty year career as a businesswoman creating jobs at South Carolina’s Ports, Elizabeth has shown that she is real world problem solver who will stand up to the dysfunctional, partisan politics of Washington and do what’s right for South Carolina families and businesses.”

“The voters of the 1st District want a clear, independent voice for South Carolina like Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who will work with anyone – Republican, Democrat or Independent – on commonsense solutions that will make this country great, and this poll shows just that.”

Poll conducted March 25th-27th and surveyed 500 likely special election voters from with a margin of error of +/- 4.4%


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