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Dancing With The Inbreds



Former S.C. Lt. Gov. Ken Ard – that rare corrupt South Carolina elected official who was actually held accountable for his actions – is starring in a local talent competition entitled “Dancing With The Stars … of Florence.”

Ard, who is now a “development consultant” with the Hilliard Lyons financial firm, is teaming up with professional dancer Mariel Webster – a senior mass communications major at Francis Marion University.

In fact here’s Webster cutting a rug with the Sheriff of Clarendon County at a recent event in that (red) neck of the woods …


Pic: The Patriot

So … who benefits from this goat show (other than Ard, obviously)?

Glad you asked …

“Dancing With The Stars … of Florence” is hosted by a foundation which supports Florence County School District 1, an agency which received an estimated $166 million from taxpayers in the current fiscal year’s budget. In fact the organization – which has been running the event for the last three years – says it has donated $711,000 to educators.

Why does Florence District One need more money? Good question. Another good question? Why do teachers have to pay for their own classroom supplies in a state which spends nearly $12,000 per year/ per pupil?

Yeah … riddle us that.

Most importantly … why in the hell didn’t these idiots ask Tammy Ard to dance instead of her goofy-looking criminal of a husband?