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Elin Nordegren And Tiger Woods?



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Elin Nordegren made a cool $110 million off of her 2010 divorce from superstar golfer Tiger Woods – but she could make more than three times that much the next time he publicly humiliates her.

Wait … what?

The internet has been ablaze with rumors that Woods “re-proposed” to Nordegren over the Christmas vacation – and agreed to sign a $200 million prenuptial agreement (complete with a $350 million “no cheating” clause). The philandering former No. 1 golfer in the world – who hasn’t won a major championship in five years – is reportedly so desperate to get back together with his ex-wife (and mother of his two children) that he’s willing to pony up more than half of his estimated $600 million fortune.

Woods hasn’t commented on the rumors, while sources close to Nordegren are blasting them as “farcical, bogus, absolutely fiction, false.”

We’re inclined to believe those sources.

No matter how much money Woods is offering, we can’t envision a scenario in which Nordegren would ever take him back. The sex scandal which unraveled Woods’ career was simply too big, too graphic and involved far too many women. Also what’s that expression? “Once a cheater …”

Of course we can’t blame the man for trying …


Pics: Splash News

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