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The War Against FITS



attack on fits


A few months ago we published a report highlighting the contempt certain politicians in South Carolina feel for FITSNews. Then a few weeks ago, we reported on the latest state agency to ban our website from its network servers. We’re been down these roads before, obviously. And so we recognize them for precisely what they are – validations of the effectiveness with which we rebuke the failed, corrupt status quo that continues to run our state into the ground on a daily basis.

Some websites have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to strike a “nerve” – and been ignored.

Not us … FITS has organically evolved into a legitimate vehicle of resistance for South Carolinians who are fed up with the rampant excess, incompetence and corruption that exists in government at all levels. We’ve buried the rest of the state’s political blogosphere, and legitimately compete with its corporate-owned mainstream media outlets – which is precisely why we are targeted.

Obviously many of the attacks against us are more than just “displays of displeasure.” They represent active attempts to limit this website’s audience – and choke off our sources of revenue. And make no mistake: Some of the most powerful elected officials in the Palmetto State are responsible for these machinations. For example we’ve heard countless anecdotes from insiders at the S.C. State House based on conversations they’ve had with legislative leaders like S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell and State Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman.

“There’s a standing rule,” one lobbyist told us. “Anyone advertising on Shits News better not ask for any money in the budget.”

Awwwww. “Shits News.” How cute …

This boycott threat has also spread to activists within the Republican Party – many of whom are reportedly cautioning rank-and-file GOP members against clicking on our content.

“Many in the GOP issue warnings not to click on your site because that is how you make money,” one source told us recently. “They say not to even click on your page.”

Leading the anti-FITS crusade (not surprisingly) is S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – who has made it clear to all comers that this website is “attacking her family” and that anyone affiliated with the website is also “attacking her family.”

Really, Nikki?

Anyway, Haley’s office is obsessed with our website – going so far as to demand that certain groups fire employees who communicated with our founding editor on social media websites. Haley’s office has also reportedly sent screen captures of our website to FITS advertisers – demanding that they remove their ads.

Again … ironic.

Throw in the unmitigated ire we’ve managed to draw from the state’s judicial branch and you’ve basically got the entire South Carolina government/ political/ special interest complex aligned against us. Impressive, huh? Additionally legislation will be pushed this year aimed at shuttering political action groups like the one our founding editor Will Folks recently formed to expose the Palmetto State’s most hypocritical, fiscally liberal politicians.

Because God forbid any of these self-proclaimed “conservatives” ever be held accountable for their actions.

Anyway … we’ve never really stopped to assess the “War Against FITS” in toto, but given the extent to which it has escalated in recent months we figured we ought to devote a few thoughts to it. In no particular order, those thoughts are as follows …

1) WE GET IT This website’s role in South Carolina politics is to write about the stories the bought-and-paid-for “lamestream” press won’t cover – and to provide critical context to stories they cover from a decidedly left-of-center vantage point. That means being aggressive – and blunt – in dealing with elected officials in this state. “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Nor can you cover South Carolina politics without busting open a few thin-skinned inbreds,” we wrote recently. That’s true. Of course it also means we shouldn’t complain when those inbreds get angry.

2) IT’S A MARKETPLACE … We think it’s incredibly petty for elected officials to threaten monetary (or other) consequences based on an individual or entity’s proximity to FITS, but at the end of the day – that’s their right (well, within reason). We’re in a marketplace. You may see us expose those back room arrangements, but you’ll never hear us bitch about them.

3) THE WAR ISN’T WORKING … We’re receiving more visitors and making more revenue than at any point in our website’s history. Not only that we’re about to launch a nifty new design that will elevate our status even further. If the goal of the “War Against FITS” was to knock us off our block, it isn’t working.

4) BADGE OF HONOR … This website started out six years ago as one guy with a laptop. Ok, ok … who are we kidding. This website is STILL one guy with a laptop. So say what you want about “Sic Willie” (and people say plenty) but it’s pretty impressive how one dude can generate so much angst.   

Accordingly, we welcome the “War Against FITS.” As our founding editor is wont to say …

“Bring it, bitches.”


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