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Merry Christmas!




No matter what your faith (or lack thereof), there’s something special about Christmas …

And while our family celebrates it the way Martin Luther intended … with a tree (two trees, actually) and bright white lights to symbolize the birth of Jesus Christ … we know this season means different things to different people.

Certainly this website preaches ad nauseam when it comes to our ideological beliefs, but we’ve always done well to avoid preaching about our theological beliefs.  And we’re not going to start preaching on those beliefs today, except to say we believe Christ’s birth is the reason for the season – despite the best efforts of some to turn Christmas into something it’s not (and despite the best efforts of some “Christians” to ramp up their sanctimoniousness this time of year).

But whatever you believe (or don’t believe), there’s something to be said for a day when the whole world comes to a standstill to celebrate life, share gifts and spend time with the people they love.  And to help those in need.  It really is special, and if you can’t figure out why amid the flood of music, lights, gifts, food and festivities, then maybe you ought to acquaint yourself with the reason we referenced above.

We only get so many Christmases on this earth, so enjoy this one … remembering it truly is more blessed to give than to receive (unless of course we’re talking about some of Mrs. Sic Willie’s delectable holiday cookies).

Whatever Christmas means to you, though, we hope this day brings you great joy, peace and hope … and that the future brings you nothing but happiness and prosperity.

Thanks again for reading FITS!  From our family to you and yours, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!


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