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Majoring In Social Media?




Shelby Chiasson

By Shelby Chiasson || Procrastinators, rejoice. Starting next fall, Newberry College will offer an undergraduate major in social media.

Yes, you read that correctly. Social media. Imagine bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet your family and they proudly state, “I’m majoring in Facebook, with a minor in Twitter.” They’ll go far in life.

Tania Sosiak, an associate professor of graphic design and social media at the college commented that the program is “one of the first interdisciplinary majors in social media.” The program track will include various concentrations of graphic design, communications, business and marketing, psychology and statistics. In layman’s terms, classes will include Stalking 101, Benefits of Foursquare 211 and a thesis on hashtag placement.

Many are on the fence about this new sensationalized major. Brenda Thompson of Summerville believes it a waste of time. Thompson is currently aiding her child through her sophomore year of college.

“I’m not paying for my child to sit around on her computer stalking attractive boys all day. She can do that in her spare time,” said the overbearing mother.

Townes Prescott, a junior at the University of South Carolina feels more positive about the major.

“I’m thrilled about the concept. I think that the business and marketing world is evolving, and we as students must be ready to adapt to the change,” Prescott said. “Also, can you imagine the blonde babes in that class?”

Is this the new popular major to choose? Would it not be better to just stick to a business degree? Only time will tell. For now, maybe we should use social media for its original and intentional reasons. To complain, stalk and make fun of acquaintances.


Shelby Chiasson studies journalism at Winthrop University. She also writes The Charlestononion.