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Our Poles Are Rising …




Leave it to our friend Abi to turn us on (here, here and here) … and to turn us on to cool stuff.

Charleston, S.C.’s resident renaissance woman (chef/ author/ photographer/ model) recently posted a pic to her Facebook page that reminded us of her love of pole dancing.  Abi’s pic found its way to the Facebook page of Pole Spin magazine – which bills itself as “the international pole dance fitness and lifestyle magazine.”

(Yeah … how they get to cover that while we get stuck covering South Carolina politics is something we’ll never understand).

Anyway, Pole Spin featured numerous other random pics of women (and a few men/ animals) demonstrating their pole prowess – which let’s face it, is pretty hot.  And yes, our founding editor scrolled through the entire collection and selected his favorites for your viewing pleasure …


Pics: Pole Spin via FB