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Kate Upton Schlägt Eine Haltung




Earlier this month 20-year-old Michigan hottie Kate Upton joined Mila Kunis as the newest addition to our founding editor’s “Top Five Hotties” list, (replacing Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie, respectively).

Why is this important?  Because we are the global arbiter of what is and isn’t attractive, people … that’s why.

Anyway, Upton reminded us of why we installed her on this prestigious list during her appearance in a video/ photo shoot for Vogue Germany (hence our “schlägt eine haltung” headline).

First, here’s the video …

(Click to play)

And now here are some stills from the clip … including a couple of shots in which a topless Upton gets the “Japanese treatment” from a stone Alligator fountain (Axis powers gotta stick together, people).

(Click to enlarge)

Pics: Vogue Germany

Nice, huh?  And while we could go on for hours about both the intricacies of Tripartite diplomacy (as well as the proclivity of pee fetishes in German porn), we’re  just going to go ahead and provide you with some additional Kate Upton links …



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