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An Open Letter To The SCGOP Executive Committee




Dear SCGOP Executive Committee Members:

I have sent a letter expressing my feelings of what I think is happening in our nation and the GOP.  I thought I should write my feelings as to how someone who had once been a staunch member of the party and an employee of Senator Lindsey Graham could now be a supporter of Donald Trump and no longer a member of the party.  Some of you know me and know my previous involvement. For those that don’t let’s just say I was very involved on many levels.

I began this campaign supporting my former boss and serving on his leadership committee.  This all changed for me and many others in SC when Nikki Haley removed the flag.  I, for one, wanted it left where it was as I thought it reflected my heritage and history but putting that aside let me tell you exactly how it was perceived by me and again others.

Watching this evolve I saw leaders saying one day it reflected our heritage and the next day standing at a podium with not only our leaders but SCGOP leaders and RNC officials.  And of course the next day the legislature was rushed into completing the deal.  I am 68 years old and as I said very involved but for the first time what I always knew hit me like a ton of bricks.  Not only was I furious I was very sad.  Before you jump to any conclusions about the flag let me say even though I didn’t want it down the eye opener to me is the manner in which it was handled, with outsiders showing up that had no business being there.  It is also what I perceived as what is happening in this nation.

What I and others saw was the RNC and establishment sending an edict to take the flag down so that we could be more inclusive as a party.  They also said we don’t care what people in South Carolina think we are bigger and better then you and we will do it no matter what.  It also told me that there are elite donors who are in charge and the establishment politicians take their orders so that they can receive money as well as power and control.  In the meantime, as happened in South Carolina, we the people had little or no voice as we were the peons and insignificant.

Immediately I wrote to Lindsey’s campaign and asked to be removed from the leadership team and called the Trump campaign and asked to be on his leadership team.  I also sent a hefty check.  Trump represents we the people, the forgotten ones who are expected to show up and vote for the anointed ones.  This year that will not happen.  Trump supporters will not vote for establishment candidate and vice versa.  The GOP winning depends on crossover democrats and independents.  I for one think that Trump is the only one that can accomplish this.

As to the GOP I am ashamed of the party I once loved and the treatment Trump has received from it.  He has accomplished what the party has tried to do for years but has failed.  Trump is bringing in new voters from all races, economic status and educational levels.  But as a party by rebuffing Trump you rebuff his supporters.  Why would we go vote for you when you have treated us as inferiors and stupid?

So you say if we don’t vote for your candidate, Hillary Clinton will win.  To most Trump supporters we see no difference between your candidate and Hillary.  What have Republicans accomplished that they promised in 2012?  Absolutely nothing.  I know your comeback but that is pandering, they didn’t even try.

As a party you have an opportunity as never before and you are squandering it.  We know why you are so desperate.  A Trump presidency will take away all the perks, the money, the power and the control and that is a bitter pill for an establishment that has profited off of the back of we the people for way too long.

I think we are experiencing something that needs to happen not only for the country but for the party.  Our country is a mess and the parties are in shambles.  The good thing is many who have felt they had no say are now finding their voice.  More people are involved and more people are informed.  This can be a good thing if we have the leadership to harness this phenomena and bring it together for the good of the nation and parties.  I personally think that man is Trump as he has done just this for many years.  However you think, I believe all this can be good if placed in the right hands.

I know that some reading this are the establishment.  You think I have lost my way.  I was once one of you but I woke up.  I believe in the people of this country who go to work each day, who raise a family, pay their taxes and try to be good Americans.  Well they are tired and they want a change.  They want to be heard.  The days of pandering career politicians promising all but never delivering are all over.  And until you as a party get that you are finished.

This is the Trump movement and it is here to stay.  It is now a way of life and one you need to embrace.  I have never been more at peace with my choice.  I want to make America great again as many who are turning out for Trump at events and at the voting booth.  You can too if you will include him in your tent and treat him and his supporters with some respect.


Susan Chapman
Conway, S.C.