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‘Kaitlyn’s Revenge’: Bond Denied For Man Accused of Fatal DUI

“It’s it beautiful when the system actually works?”

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The businessman accused of killing an expectant mother — and critically injuring her three-year-old son in a fiery crash last fall — was denied bond this week within hours of receiving two arrest warrants for felony driving under the influence from the South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCHP).

On October 25, 2023, Kaitlyn Marie Potter was going Christmas shopping with her children when a car driven by an alleged drunk driver crashed into — and subsequently pulverized — her 2004 Nissan Sentra on S.C. Highway 72 in Chester County. Potter and her unborn child were crushed instantly and pronounced dead on-scene.

Her surviving children were airlifted to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.



FITSNews/ YouTube

Five-year-old Natalee “Nat” Johnson — who watched her mother die — suffered “only” a concussion, laceration to her spleen and broken wrist from the collision. Her younger brother, three-year-old Jamison “Bubba” Johnson, sustained over a dozen skull fractures.

Jameson is currently breathing through a trachea and remains hospitalized with limited motor skills. The quasi-conscious toddler — once known for roughhousing — is limited to a strap-in wheelchair and medical helmet when he’s not confined to a hospital bed.

“Nothing will fix this,” said Kaitlyn’s 69-year-old mother, Sandra Potter, during her exclusive interview with FITSNews last month. “[Natalee] thought that Bubba had died, too, because he was covered in so much blood. We couldn’t convince her that he was alive.”

For a better understanding of what happened on S.C. Highway 72 last fall, we encourage you to read our latest exposé — Drunk Driver Kills Expectant Mother, Evades Criminal Punishment — or watch our four-minute documentary essay detailing the tragedy.



Charles ‘Trey’ Sidney Jones III referring to his attorney, Stephen L. Denton.

On January 8, 2024, Charles ‘Trey’ Sidney Jones III — the businessman accused of causing this horrific crash — surrendered himself to authorities at the Chester County courthouse after three months of rehabilitation” in Greenwood. The defendant was seated in a wheelchair when deputies of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) rolled him into the courtroom for bond hearing. 

Within minutes of his appearance before S.C. circuit court judge Donald B. Hocker, officers served Jones with three arrest warrants: Felony DUI causing death, felony DUI causing great bodily injury and causing bodily injury to a child in utero during a violent crime. 

According to prosecutors, Jones was intoxicated while driving his father’s 2000 BMW Z3 M Roadster 2D convertible when he crossed the centerline and struck a Ford F-150. The luxury car then swerved into oncoming traffic and impaled Kaitlyn’s Nissan. 

A Snapchat video captured within moments of the crash — and shared exclusively with this outlet — indicated that Jones was tossed approximately 38 feet from the convertible before landing face-up on the pavement. His fathers car burst into flames shortly thereafter. 

According to S.C. sixth circuit solicitor Randy E. Newman, Jr., Jones’ blood alcohol content (BAC) upon impact was 0.277 percent — which is more than three times the legal limit (0.08 percent) in South Carolina.

The solicitor did not fail to mention Jones’ three previous DUI’s from 2003 to 2013, either.



Following an emotional morning of impact statements from Kaitlyn’s immediate family, Judge Hocker took the case under advisement and ordered Jones to the Chester County detention center until he reached a decision.

While the judge promised a ruling within days, it turns out he only needed a few hours. Jones’ bond was denied at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Monday — 11 weeks after his three-vehicle collision claimed the life of Kaitlyn and her unborn son.

“These are heinous crimes that he’s accused of,” Chester County sheriff Max Dorsey said following Monday’s hearing. “As far as I’m concerned, these types of crimes are as heinous as gang and gun violence.”



While Jones was supposedly treated for bone fractures upon emergency admission to the hospital on October 25, he was nonetheless able to leave within a “few hours,” according to sources familiar with the situation. 

The same sources told us Jones was legally denied from entering a rehabilitation clinic in northeast Florida, where he operates a hardscape construction company titled Reef Pavers. For that reason, Jones purportedly enrolled into a rehabilitation clinic near his parents’ home in Greenwood where he remained for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This raises the question of whether Jones is truly confined to a wheelchair — as was depicted in court …

“According to staff, he can stand,” Sheriff Dorsey told FITSNews. “And it is my understanding that he can also walk a short distance. And as long as he can stand, and walk and give himself a bath, then he can stay here … That being said, when it comes to our jail, he will be given necessary medical accommodations.”

With Jones “finally” behind bars, Kaitlyn’s family can once again focus on Jameson’s eventual discharge from the hospital — which will be an arduous process. Anticipating the challenges ahead, his family launched a GoFundMe page to help procure wheelchairs, custom helmets and mobility ramps.

Count on FITSNews to continued monitoring Jones’ case — as well as any additional updates from law enforcement, attorneys or Kaitlyn’s family.



(Via: S.C. Sixth Judicial Circuit)



Andrew Fancher (Travis Bell)

Andrew Fancher is a Lone Star Emmy award-winning journalist from Dallas, Texas. Cut from a bloodline of outlaws and lawmen alike, he was the first of his family to graduate college which was accomplished with honors. Got a story idea or news tip for Andy? Email him directly and connect with him socially across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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VERITAS Top fan January 9, 2024 at 8:56 am

Aggravated double homicide DWI, repeat offender. No mercy.

Goody3 Top fan January 9, 2024 at 10:28 am


Up2nogood January 9, 2024 at 7:36 pm

This guy Andy is a piece of trash reporter who will fortunately never be any account. Good day sir.

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VERITAS Top fan January 10, 2024 at 6:56 pm

You are, indeed, up to no good.

Scott Topanga January 21, 2024 at 2:19 pm

This is hardly objective “journalism.” To say that he was free “to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving” after the tragic collision is just to fan the flames of outrage from the viewer. The accused should bear the full weight of the law, but cheap drama by this hack cut “from a bloodline of outlaws and lawmen alike” is so amateurish that at first I thought it was a parody. Can we not see any more “reports” by this epic fail of a reporter? Thank you.

Ann Marie Howell Top fan February 25, 2024 at 5:03 pm

While the whole situation is a tragedy for everyone involved, the media is supposed to be impartial. I used to like FitsNews: however, as someone well versed in the law and also journalistic integrity, it clear from this article that hearsay abounds. The Defendant (while again, is still alleged to have committed a terrible tragedy), he is still someone’s son, father, husband, etc. I am unsure what the relevance of the make of his car is relevant to the this article other than to skew the story. I used to read Fits bc main stream media is so biased. I will no longer being doing that. Also, as confirmed “sources” can attest, Defendant arrived to the hospital unconscious and in fact spent several days there. He continues to be unable to walk. Anyone at all familiar with the legal system knows that his attorney probably advised him that it was in his best interest to remain in the state. Therefore, he stayed close by for treatment. This is one of the most biased and worst piece of journalism I’ve ever seen. My heart and prayers goes out to those who lost loved ones in this tragedy and the children still fighting for their lives; however, last I checked this is still America and this piece of trash goes against not only journalistic ethics and personal integrity, but hits to the very heart of the Constitution rendering someone innocent until proven guilty. Again, I am aware of the tragedy of the whole situation but when a journalist is clearly convicting someone for driving a “luxury” car that is pure bullshit reporting and his facts and those of the publisher should be checked and if inaccurate, then acted upon.

Simon Templar Top fan February 28, 2024 at 3:36 pm

Yes a tragedy. The victims were someone’s child, daughter, wife, son, lives taken to soon. Never to see the Sun, never to graduate, never to be born. Defendant made a choice (again) . I presumed (from the video) “defendant Jones”arrived at the hospital unconscious, or semi conscious, but not dead. No broken bones, no dislocated anything, not even major internal injuries. Left the ER hours later. BLOOD ALCOHOL test takes a little while. The State troopers working the fatality’s takes time with a TOTAL station, and reconstruction (factors & calculation of impact/speed/ road/ vehicle weight) the snap chat video showing someone lying in the middle of the road, apparently a male, (presumed to be Jones) is in-line with the story. The photos of the vehicle The documents displayed is in line with the story. Oh the type of vehicle is part of the story. (size weight comparison) identification of the participants vehicle is a factor. I suppose the comment by “what does it matter” referring I presume to how many BMWs Mr. Jones family owns, not the fact about sturdiness, or size? I believe the story has salient facts that support the timeline of events. The statement that Mr. Jones was “denied access to Florida rehab”, does not reflect the presumption that it was voluntary, (as suggested) by his attorney NOT to go to Florida. The presumption of innocence, does not diminish the facts of the event, supported by the photos and court documents. (included in this report)
The peoples right to know, and use of “alleged” is part of the reporters requirement? I “presume”
all evidence supporting South Carolina’s Law Enforcement narrative will be presented to the court. A civil filing is sure to follow. Wouldn’t one “think”? There may be a plea agreement presented. 3rd strike, vehicular homicide? (manslaughter) This is a reflection on real events, not the final chapter of those events. I would like to see what transpires next. Objective journalism Reporting the facts that lead the reporter, supported by evidence, giving the reader the opportunity to make their own conclusions?


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