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Prioleau Alexander: ‘The ABCs Of Me’

Fun with letters …

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

The latest video making the viral rounds is of a fourth grade class at Johnson Elementary in Charlottesville, Virginia, celebrating a Pride Month event.

The first speaker, a little girl, tells the rest of the class, “LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-gender, and queer … Cool!”

Next, a group of fourth graders take the stage to recite the ABC Pride, a book written by Louie Stowell, who describes herself as “a cis-queer woman married to a woman.” (How this is different from being a lesbian is somewhat murky). The recital continued, “A is for Acceptance, when you accept yourself, and other people accept you for who you are.”

You can imagine where it goes from there …

Harmless, right? Perhaps for some, but obviously not Louie the author, who Tweeted, “Even if kids’ books could make you gay, so what? That’s only a problem if you’re homophobic.”

Okay, groomer. 



I’ve decided that I, too, will write an ABC-based book, with a wider scope as the theme. It is called ABC Reality. It is a fun and productive tome, designed to be read with your children when they return home from kindergarten after being ground upon by Drag Queens. 

Ready? Let’s go …

A is for “anyone.” Anyone who thinks fourth graders need to know more about sex than the contagiousness of cooties is a sick and twisted pervert.

B is for “believing.” Believing men can have babies and women can have XY chromosomes is tantamount with believing John Fetterman is fit to be one of the most powerful men in the world. 

C is for “Covid.” Covid is most assuredly not a weaponized virus developed by the Chinese with funding from the USA which became airborne when it was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but in reality appeared out of thin air when someone ate a bat sandwich made with Wet Market Secret Sauce™ and a bat that flew to Wuhan from 500 miles away.

D is for “dumb.” Dumb is what President Joe Biden was when he was a Senator, while today the description would be “unaware of even where he is.”

E is for “elder abuse.” Elder abuse is when a younger person manipulates, injures, or takes advantage of a helpless older person, and currently the national spokesdoctor is our FLOTUS, Jill Biden.

F is for “face lift.” A face lift is when you pay a surgeon pull back sagging facial skin, and if Nancy Pelosi has one more her ears will touch.

G is for “gender.” Gender used to determine if you are a man or a woman, based on your ability to procreate or pee standing up, but new settled science has proven that gender is a “social construct,” meaning it’s not real but instead has been entirely made up by abusive parents and hateful lifeforms going back to when dinosaurs were mating and contrary to the settled science offered by Jurassic Park only females got pregnant .

H is for “habitual.” The habitual use of crack cocaine while cavorting with untold numbers of disease-riddled hookers is a sign of stupidity, regardless of whether the sitting President refers to you as, “The smartest guy I know.”

I is for “investigating.” Investigating a crime is what the DOJ and FBI do if they suspect you of having done something illegal and you’re Orange.

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Covid-19 vaccine (Getty)

J is for “jam.” One meaning for jam means to forcefully apply pressure, which is what the federal government did to tens of millions of Americans in a successful effort to jam an untested, un-approved, doesn’t-work, un-peer-reviewed experimental vaccine into their bodies, which inspired so many “Died Suddenly” headlines a documentary called Died Suddenly was made, which you shouldn’t watch because it goes against the settled science provided by Big Pharma which made tens of billions due to the successful efforts of the government.

K is for “Killing.” Killing is what Jefferey Epstein did to himself, as logic dictates that it was purely coincidence that he was taken off suicide watch and the guards were playing video games and the video cameras monitoring his room were broken and he had horribly incriminating evidence of pedophilia perpetrated by some the most powerful men in the world which would’ve gotten him an immunity plea deal but he felt sad so he killed himself. 

L is for “Lying”. Lying is best understood by reading the New York Times and the Washington Post.

M is for “murder.” Most people go their entire lives without knowing a friend, associate, advisor, or lawyer that was murdered, and the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton literally know dozens is happenstance and there’s no way they could’ve been involved in even one.

N is for “never.” Never seems be when George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, or Maxine Waters will die.

O is for “openly.” Openly means in full view of everyone, which is how the DNC is willing to conduct their blatant corruption. 

P is for “posterity.” Posterity is a thing that elected Republicans and Democrats don’t give a crap about. 

Q is for “queer.” Queer was once considered a deeply offensive description and no educated person said it, but it is now a word that is so appropriate and beloved it is written on banners and carried in parades.

R is for “racist.” All white people are racist, including those who spend their entire careers focused on helping improve the lives of compromised black people because secretly they hate them.

S is for “safe.” Safe means protected and secure, which is what Joe Biden’s classified documents were while sitting in his unlocked garage and available to stolen and sold by his crackhead son to Ukrainian or Chinese operatives.

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Joe Biden in the Oval Office. (The White House)

T is for “term limits.” Term limits are a mechanism that prohibits politicians from spending their entire lives in office in order to become openly corrupt, drunk on power, and immersed in interns/ free booze/ free fine dining/ adoration, which are not needed by the USA because none of those terms describe every single person in Congress who’s been in office more than 12 years.

U is for “unbelievable.” Unbelievable is what describes the pain that will be endured by the youth of our nation during the collapse of the USA after the Boomers spend us into bankruptcy.

V is for “vagina.” A vagina is a part of human genitalia, which settled science shows is shared by men and women.

W is for “wimps.” Wimps is a more gentile word that I’d like to use, but it describes the behaviors and actions of Republican Congressmen for the past six years as they’ve watched Democrats run roughshod over the Constitution.

X is for “Xi Jinping.” Xi Jinping is a name every American should remember, as in the near future you will be legally required to add “Director General of the US” in front of it. 

Y is for “yummy.” Yummy describes the taste of insect-based protein, which is what we’ll be eating after liberals exterminate all the protein sources that fart, because life on earth depends on it.

Z is for “zero.” Zero indicates a numerical value of nothing, which is important because we stand zero chance of surviving another six years of any Democrat in the White House.

I hope this little study in reality is of help to you and yours, and will offer many “learning moments” for your conversations … during homeschooling, of course, which is what you better start doing. 



Prioleau Alexander (Provided)

Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of two books: ‘You Want Fries With That?’ and ‘Dispatches Along the Way.’ Both are available on Amazon. He hopes to have another title published soon, but that would require his agent actually doing his job, so it may be awhile. Oh, and if you want to see his preferred bio pic? Click here …



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Nanker Phelge June 27, 2023 at 3:54 pm

Looks like EPA has been cashing in a lot of empty beer cans to pay for this latest flaming dysentery of posts. I hope Will is charging by the word…

Patient IQ: Zero June 27, 2023 at 10:41 pm

Yeah, I think this dude proves in every post that the only thing dying suddenly is our brain cells for reading this garbage.

The CDC has quite clearly failed America when it comes to containing the D-bag virus. Hopefully it isn’t spreading beyond trash heap conservative blogs.

AA is for... June 27, 2023 at 10:31 pm

If Drunkle were shooting for non fiction humor, he should try not believing in F-tier conspiracy theories and actually being funny.

Chris Memminger June 28, 2023 at 12:56 am

I am married to, friends with, know a bunch of highly qualified mental health professionals and everyone is wondering why “derk”, my proposed name for Preaioueuoiey who thinks he is special. And why he is so mad? AP, you have a small penis and as my grandma said for 95 years “ foola names and fools faces are also seen in public places.” Dude, your family and friends are mortified. Blogs dont change things. EGO

Sandra Goodwin Top fan June 28, 2023 at 6:51 am

Who are these nasty people? I guess the previous posters read the NYT or WP…and probably listen to NPR, CNN or MSNBC. otherwise how could they be so clueless about what is happening to our country. They are using the typical knee jerk liberal defense by attacking truth with smears and lies. Keep up the great work!

Not Fooling Anyone June 28, 2023 at 10:27 am

Hi, Drunkle!

Jack Hinson June 28, 2023 at 2:01 pm

Oh, there is plenty to respond to, but with MAGA Cult Members you are wasting your time. Facts mean nothing to them. They still believe that the Justice Department has not treated Trump with kid gloves and given him ample opportunities to avoid prosecution they never would have given any other American citizen. They still believe the election was stolen despite 60 court rulings of no evidence the election was stolen and 4 or 5 Republican-led investigations that could produce no evidence of a stolen election. Its just a waste of time to provide the facts they are going to ignore, because… well..Hunter Biden.

Jack Hinson June 28, 2023 at 11:13 am

The letter for the day is T. T is for trumpery. Yes, that is a word. A derivative of the French word tromper, “to deceive’. According to Mr. Webster’s dictionary, as a noun it means “worthless nonsense;” according to Collins American English Dictionary as an adjective, it means “showy but worthless.” In a sentence, The best way to describe this author’s work is trumpery.

Hundreds of years ago, who would have known this word would become so perfect for our time? I mean in a single word we can describe an entire political party and the man who inspired them.


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