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Rose Petal Murder: South Carolina’s Next True Crime Saga?

Another tangled web …

As the white hot glare of the national media spotlight began receding from the white brick facade of
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Jake March 16, 2023 at 5:58 pm

It must a sad life, hoping there is a horrible crime to make blog posts about. Desperately hoping for more clicks.

Start blogging about your affair with Nikki Haley again. It was the biggest moment of your entire life.

Timothy March 16, 2023 at 6:57 pm

Oh sugar Shia fired pew pew

SubZeroIQ March 16, 2023 at 9:31 pm

The problems are: (1) that some people think only what FITS tells them to think; and these include jurors who get picked to cases and do not get admonished to not read the internet; (2) FITS has no conscience AT ALL and is totally indifferent to getting the innocent convicted; and (3) FITS is getting rich off what he does, not because the market place of ideas rewarded him, but because of the deals he makes with advertisers on his blog. Walt Wilkins runs the office where an assistant solicitor was texting a juror during trial; and Wilkins reported it to FITS first, not to the court or to the office of disciplinary counsel. FITS delivers prejudicial pretrial publicity for a price.

Anonymous March 17, 2023 at 9:15 am

SubzeroIQ, And you know this how? Do you work at the solicitors office? The office of disciplinary counsel suspended the lawyer the day it was reported. Obviously it was taken seriously and continues to be as he is still suspended. Your moniker is apt as you are seriously deficient in brain cells and actual knowledge. If you have actual evidence of collusion please by all means publish it or close thou trap

SubZeroIQ March 17, 2023 at 11:07 am

When FITSNews first published the story of the assistant solicitor texting the juror, he reported it as an exclusive story he got directly and exclusively from Walt Wilkins and FITS claimed it gave the defendant in that case an advantage in that he was allowed to plead guilty to a reduced charge. I immediately commented that FITS “got that backwards” in that the charges should have been dismissed altogether for prosecutorial misconduct and I asked the question why Walt Wilkins would be telling FITS and not the courts. Curiously, that defendant’s criminal records disappeared from Greenville County’s Public Index and, again, I commented on that. I, of course, have no control over whether FITS removes my earlier posts or even allows this one. Please do no insult me just because you can. There is a lot of that going on already; and I do not need or deserve more of it.

Obamaroid Ointment March 17, 2023 at 12:46 pm

“Desperately hoping for more clicks.”

and click Karen did, LOL.

richard.frierson Top fan March 16, 2023 at 9:43 pm

there is a difference between a concerto and a sonata,

Anna Saint March 18, 2023 at 7:49 pm

Taje FITS NEWS with a grain of salt and a wary eye.
We believe Fits is the propaganda arm of the Solicitors office.
We are investigating as is Fox News New Yorks master Podcaster Cristina Corbin with 4 million listeners.
We all have real information from Mello the FBI, Homeland Security and our 3 insiders at The Greenville County Sheriff’s office , men and women who hate the corruption and believe in justice and truth.
And told us :
Take what Fits News says with a grain of salt and much suspicion .
They were offered this story from Mr. Mello and they stabbed him in the back as did the lying corrupt Carrie Weimer, the lapdog of Hobart Lewis.
A man who claimed Zachary Hughes was guilty 8 minutes after his arrest. No trial no justice. HOBART LEWIS SHERIFF JUDGE AND JURY.
The sister if the victim Lutina Parcell who owned the home where child porn was being produced the murder occurred and narcotics were found, conspired with Brad Post and a third party who came in through the rear door that Lutina testified she refused to repar the lock, to kill Christina Parcell for large amounts of cash and fear of the porn ring being exposed.
We believe the man who came through the rear door was the one who smashed the back of Christina Parcells skull was a sheriff’s deputy. Evidence shows Christina was in the process of turning in Lutina Parcell and Brad and requesting leniency in exchange for her cooperation.
Lutina and Brad killed her for it , and the cash 7 million dollars. Corrupt lawyer Vanessa Kormylo is documented in texts between Lutina and Brad as being on their cash payroll.
Finally, Prosecutors keep fabricating lies and evidence about DNA
As the FBI has stated, ” The victim fought back so hard she ripped her own fingernails off she weighed 150 was 5 foot 9 rowed and lifted weights , yet if you look at the mug shot of Mr Hughes taken just days after the murder there is not a single scratch bite mark, gouge flesh tear patches of pulled out hair nor wound of any kind. Impossible for a woman of her physical strength fighting for her life ”
That’s the FBI .
There is zero DNA of Mr.Hughes.
In tact zero evidence of any kind
This verified by both our FBI contact and Sheriff’s Department insiders.

There is more proof Vanessa Kormylo and Lutina Parcell are involved in the killing , along with Post. Than Mr.Hughes who jever met the victim.
Just what ARE the 12 LLCs businesses Vanessa Kormylo owns, up to ?
They appear to fo nothing.
Accept Launder money.

None have websites, business licenses tax records nor employees.

And her association with Ukranian Organized crime is now coming up .
Their chief business run out of Spartanburg? Child Pornography and Human Trafficking.

This is a corrupt frame up because those 50,000 photos and 7000 videos of Brad Post Lutina Parcell and Christina Parcell sexually abusing children are full of South Carolinas elite . Politicians , Businessmen and women , Lawyers Prosecutors, DSS Executives, Poinsett Club Members , Doctors, and Cops.
That is why Lutina Parcell a killer and child pornographer nor her partner Kormylo,
has not been charged with any of 20 crimes.
Now 21, with new evidence it includes obstruction of Justice

Fits has none of this proof nor do Prosecutor’s., except what they shredded
What Fits gets is hand fed to them by Prosecutors,
Cristina Corbin and Fox News does
Fbi and Homeland Security does
Joe Herring Does
Anon does
Tucker Carlson does
And WE DO we are


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