Letter: FITSNews Part Of Mainstream Media ‘Panicdemic’

Website spouts “gloom and doom” headlines …

Dear Editors:

Congratulations on your new arrival: FITSNews is now … according to your own definition … a member of the notorious mainstream media.

I refer, of course, to the July 12 FITSNews’ posting regarding our low-wattage governor and his indecisive handling of the COVID pandemic (rather, the media’s panicdemic). In said posting, FITSNews noted a contributing reason/ excuse for McMaster’s hapless handling of the situation included “… a daily barrage of gloom-and-doom headlines from the mainstream media“.

Consider this FITSNews headline of a month ago: “Confounding Coronavirus: South Carolina Death Toll Could Reach 9,000 By October.”

In more recent weeks FITSNews has said the COVID cases in South Carolina were “spinning out of control”… cited such left-leaning sources as the NYT, NPR, and Harvard professors with nonsensical findings that S.C. was the “third highest COVID hotspot in the world”… continuously and dutifully adds COVID cases as given by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) but never subtracts cured COVID cases or false-positives … and despite being woefully and embarrassingly wrong with every projection, FITSNews still publishes sensationalized headlines using IHME as a cover.

Gloom-and-doom headlines from the mainstream media. Congratulations; you’ve arrived.


Walt Inabinet

Bamberg, S.C.


Walt: Thank you very much for sharing your perspective. Numbers for Covid-19 are all over the map – to the extent you can trust them to begin with. This has made reporting on the “panicdemic” exceedingly difficult – but we continue doing our best to present available numbers with the proper context.

As we endeavor thusly, I am genuinely appreciative of your efforts to hold us accountable within the marketplace of ideas. Thanks for reading and responding, my friend. Your feedback is always welcome!



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