A New Low For Thomas Ravenel?

Is disgraced politician, former reality TV star plumbing new depths? Is that even possible?

Disgraced politician and former reality television star Thomas Ravenel may have reached a new low … at least for the moment.

And yes, frankly that is baffling to consider when you think of the televised tour of immaturity, inebriation, indolence and sheer idiocy this man-child has taken all of us on over the last few years via Bravo TV’s Southern Charm.

The 56-year-old Charleston, South Carolina playboy – who is about to head to trial on assault charges stemming from an alleged 2015 incident involving his children’s nanny – is the primary suspect in one of the “foulest” leaks of personal information this news outlet has ever encountered.

We are referencing an absolutely disgusting “blind item” published on the gossip site All About The Tea, which has been known to savage Ravenel’s many nemeses with unflattering “news” coverage.

For those of you unhip to the term, a blind item is a news story in which details regarding a certain incident or situation are published but identifying information about the individuals involved are withheld.  William d’Alton Mann – a colonel in the Michigan cavalry during the Civil War – pioneered the format in a New York City-based publication entitled Town Topics in the late nineteenth century.

Mann allegedly used his blind items to extort advertising contracts from those implicated in the nameless stories.

Anyway, the blind item published by All About The Tea references a reality television star dubbed “Florence Nightingale” who “cares about the sick.”

In other words, a nurse …


As readers of this news site are well aware given her various issues in the professionAshley Jacobs – Ravenel’s most recent metronomic relationship partner – is a nurse.

So … what does All About The Tea tell us regarding the subject of this “blind item?”

In the parlance of those who watch Southern Charm regularly, “we can’t even.”

Years ago we would have just come right out and said it, but of late we have embarked on an effort to clean up our act … to an extent.

Suffice it to say, the gossip site accuses the unnamed “Florence Nightingale” of a particularly graphic – and apparently most odious – hygienic deficiency, one that “a former boyfriend” claimed left him feeling “devitalized.”

As much as we hate to send readers in the direction of All About The Tea, if you insist on perusing the lurid details of this smear … click here.  But consider yourself warned: Once clicked, you cannot un-read it.  And the facial contortions you make upon reading it might take awhile to relax.

To be clear: We cannot say for sure whether Ravenel is the source of this leak.  Or whether Jacobs is its subject.

But given the descriptions contained in the post – and the prior hatchets this site has buried into the backs of Ravenel’s enemies (presumably at his direction and more than likely using information he provided) – it certainly seems like an Occam’s Razor situation if ever there was one.

Whether he leaked this particularly vile smear or not, though, Ravenel has unfortunately become one of the very few people in life we view as completely and utterly irredeemable … totally incapable of change.

We think there are times when he might want to change … but ultimately whatever combination of substances, psychoses, imbalances, inferiorities and venomous vengeance that is afflicting him takes over.

In March of 2017, our founding editor Will Folks published a column lamenting Ravenel’s many falls from grace and offering him some free advice moving forward.  He actually tweeted out his support of what we wrote, but as usual the Jekyll was soon consumed by the Hyde – especially after we made it clear to him we were going to have to write about some of the credible allegations that have recently been lobbed against him.

Ravenel is innocent until proven guilty in criminal court when it comes to these latest allegations, but the court of public opinion has clearly rendered its verdict against him.

And deservedly so …



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