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SCANA “NukeGate” Calendar Enrages Recipients



Assume your spouse left you and made off with all of your money … then sent you a pin-up calendar from their new life without you.

How would something like that feel?  Ask customers of SCANA

The embattled utility – which is at the heart of the still-unspooling #NukeGate disaster – mailed customers a slick 2019 calendar this week featuring images of the spectacularly failed V.C. Summer nuclear generating station in Jenkinsville, S.C.

That’s where SCANA and its government partner – Santee Cooper – blew through $10 billion of public and ratepayer money on a pair of next-generation nuclear reactors that will never be completed.

This week SCANA blew through some more money on its calendar.

Take a look …

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Customers were irate …

“How nice of SCE&G to send us a 2019 calendar with lovely colorful images of the VC Summer nuclear plant!” one recipient wrote on her Facebook page.  “Oh yes, the one that failed!  The one taxpayers spent billions to help fund, the one that caused job losses and is the reason some of my friends and neighbors left town!  Did they really think a calendar was gonna wipe the slate clean!?  How much money did this cost!?”

According to our sources, SCANA’s calendar wasn’t exactly what it appeared to be …

Each year, the company is required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to provide emergency preparedness information to customers.

Apparently this … was that.


Whatever the deal is with this calendar, SCANA has defined tone-deafness in the aftermath of the #NukeGate debacle – complicating efforts by Virginia-based Dominion Energy to facilitate a $15 billion merger with the embattled West Columbia, S.C. company.

Dominion’s proposed deal – well, actually it has submitted two versions of the merger – currently sits before the S.C. Public Service Commission (SCPSC).  This much-maligned agency – which rubber-stamped numerous rate increases associated with this boondoggle over the past decade – has been holding in-depth hearings on the Dominion proposals for several days.

How much longer will these hearings go?

Um, just check your “calendars …”



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