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Southern Charm: Dueling Book Deals?




Reality television star Kathryn Dennis is moving forward with her plan to write a book – conceptualizing its format, mulling various publication offers and discussing the project with potential ghost writers.  Meanwhile her ex-boyfriend and co-star, Thomas Ravenel, says he may write a volume of his own.

Dennis and Ravenel – co-stars of Bravo TV’s Southern Charm reality show – would certainly have no shortage of material to work with were they to release competing narratives.  And based on Southern Charm‘s steadily increasing ratings, there appears to be no shortage of people willing to read what they (or their ghost writers) decide to put down on paper.

In fact even the mother of our intrepid D.C. Operative says he’s going to watch Southern Charm after hearing of the program during a recent trip to Charleston, S.C.

“She says she’s definitely watching after her carriage ride tour guide told her no one from Charleston watches the show because it’s so embarrassing,” he told us.

Gotta get those eyeballs anyway you can, right?

Dennis, 25, recently resolved an acrimonious custody dispute with Ravenel involving their children, three-year-old Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and 21-month-old St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, a.k.a. “Saint.”

Their signed agreement capped an exceedingly contentious period in their on-again, off-again relationship – which has driven Southern Charm’s ratings and was one of the prime topics of conversation during the show’s most recent “reunion” show on Bravo.

So far there have been no public flare-ups following the signing of the custody agreement, but sources close to the couple indicate that could change “at any moment.”  Specifically we’re told a new man in Dennis’ life has been eager to make trouble for the 55-year-old former statewide official.

We hope to have more on that development in future reports …

Meanwhile Ravenel is rebuking rumors that he has reunited with recent love interest Ashley Jacobs.  The two were hot and heavy back in May of this year, but Ravenel confirmed to us over the weekend that he is once again single.



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