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Letter: More Evidence SC Gas Tax Plan Is Regressive




Dear Editor,

It is important for everyone to understand this: According to the S.C. Department of Revenue (SCDOR), a “tax credit is an amount of money that can be offset against a tax liability.”

This means if you actually owe taxes, the tax credit will reduce the amount you have to pay.  HOWEVER many seniors, veterans, or low-income individuals do not have a tax liability in South Carolina.

This means they must pay the increase in fuel tax and various “fees” BUT WILL NOT GET A TAX CREDIT.

This is a nasty way to hurt those in the lowest brackets – demonstrating the unfeeling, regressive nature of the gas tax and fee increase.  It is also a slap in the face of many retirees and military personnel who have moved to South Carolina.

If the citizens of this state don’t appreciate this political “sleight of hand”, then let your legislators know and don’t fuss at the Department of Revenue!

If the law had stated that each person who filed a return would get some kind of “earned fuel tax rebate,” etc. based on the amount of gas or maintenance on their vehicle, then it would have worked.  But the way it is now, it is likely only to benefit middle or upper income individuals.

Sarah Nuckles
Rock Hill, S.C.



Sarah: Once again thank you for sharing your insights on these matters.  This is a very important and overlooked point in this debate, and I’m grateful you chose to share it with our readers. You were a true citizen advocate during your time on the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) commission – and you have continued to fight for common sense reform ever since.  We need a hundred more like you!



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