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Advertiser Profile: Lauren Taylor




For the past two months we’ve been thrilled to have attorney Lauren Taylor running ads on our website.   Over that time she’s seriously classed up the joint … not to mention enhanced our on-screen aesthetics.

Dramatically …

Lauren is no stranger to FITSNews, having been featured several times on our pages in the past (including here and here).  She always draws huge traffic, too, and our advertising department tells us her spots have been getting crazy clicks as well.

That’s great news.  We’re glad to have her … and hope she’ll stick around in the coming months.

This week, Taylor’s firm is celebrating its fifth anniversary – quite the milestone for a young professional who decided to hang her own shingle up as opposed to taking a “safe” position with an established firm.

Taylor tells us she’s never regretted that choice, as it has allowed her to showcase her “tenacity” as well as her ability to survive – and thrive – in a male-dominated profession.

Taylor’s firm – which is now serving clients in the Palmetto Upstate, Midlands and Lowcountry – offers a host of legal services including criminal, family and personal injury consultation and representation.

“I love criminal law because it allows my trial skills to shine,” Taylor told us.  “I never feel more alive than when I’m in the courtroom advocating for my clients in criminal cases.”

Taylor has won several high-profile criminal cases, too, helping solidify her reputation as one of the Palmetto State’s top up-and-coming litigants.  But according to her, every case is “high-profile” in terms of her preparation – especially contentious family law disputes.

“Family law is a war zone,” she said.  “Except instead of missiles being fired at you, you have people’s financial future and their children’s futures to think about.  You have to know the law, know the facts and know your arguments – but you also have to be prepared for anything.”

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As for her personal injury practice, Taylor says that’s where her firm excels in terms of providing “relief to clients that have had some unfortunate tragedy befall them or a family member.”

“It’s about fairness,” she told us. “But sometimes fairness needs a push.”

In addition to her own skill set, Taylor tells us she often benefits from being underestimated in court – usually by older, male attorneys who presume they will be able to argue circles around her.

“I love it when an older attorney is left with their mouths agape following an oral argument or a hearing,” she told us.  “I’m ready for their A-game no matter what, but I do love it when opposing counsel finds themselves at a disadvantage.”

And while Taylor says she’s definitely the sweet, southern girl you see in her pictures, be mindful of her sassy side.

“The best thing about hiring me is you’ll get the sweet tea, but the other side better watch out for the lemon going in their eye,” she said.


Either way, that sounds like the sort of tall drink we can appreciate … assuming we’re not appearing opposite one of her clients in court!

For more information on Taylor and her firm, click here – or on any of her ads appearing on our website.  As for information on advertising with us, email here.



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