Remember Evan McMullin? To be honest we’d forgotten about him, too …

McMullin was the Dark State operative posing as an “independent conservative” who was supposed to derail the 2016 presidential aspirations of GOP nominee Donald Trump.  Specifically, McMullin – a Mormon – was supposed to pull enough votes from Trump in Utah to cost him the state’s six electoral votes.

How’d that plan work out?  Not so well …

Also, it turned out Trump didn’t need Utah’s six electoral votes.

McMullin’s candidacy was successful in one respect, though: Debt creation.  According to The Salt Lake Tribune, his campaign “still owes some $670,000 to vendors … including more than half a million dollars to a law firm.”

One of those venders is a small business that collected signatures to get McMullin on the ballot in five states.

“They have told me they cannot pay us what they owe,” the firm’s owner told the paper.

Gotta love those politicians and their deficit spending, right?

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