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Thanks A Lot, Obama




I make it a point not to let my individual experiences in the marketplace become fodder for this website’s content.  If I have a problem with an individual or entity in a commercial setting, I take it up directly with them – I don’t bitch and moan to the world as though it were somehow their problem.

Seriously … no one cares that my trash and recycling isn’t always collected in a timely manner.  Or that my family had to wait four months to get our home warranty people to replace a broken dishwasher.  Or that our AT&T U-Verse experience has been less than satisfying.

These are my problems, not yours.

In this case, however, I am compelled to break protocol …

This week, my family had to switch health insurance plans because our former provider decided to stop providing South Carolina residents with health care coverage (thanks a lot, Obamacare).  This switch has forced us to abandon not only our family doctor – but our entire network of physicians.  Hell, we can’t even get prescriptions filled at our neighborhood pharmacy anymore.

All this and we are still paying a health insurance bill that’s bigger than our mortgage … one of many fiscal penalties that goes with the head of our household (yours truly) being self-employed.

Again, I’m not going to spend a lot of time venting my spleen about my personal situation.  My family’s problems are obviously not your family’s problems – except that I don’t think we are alone in dealing with this issue.

“If you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it,” Obama famously promised in promoting his socialized medicine law.

I’ve written numerous articles over the years exposing this as a demonstrable falsehood for millions of Americans.

Now I’m one of those people.

I liked my doctor – and my health care plan.  But thanks to Obamacare, I couldn’t keep them.

Hopefully later this month U.S. president-elect Donald Trump and members of Congress will take the steps necessary to reverse this disastrous law and restore free market principles to the American health care system.


Will Folks is the editor of the website you are currently reading.

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