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Donald Trump Gains Ground In National Survey




Not many pollsters got it right in 2016 – especially in the swing states that ultimately determined the surprise outcome of the presidential election.  Robert Cahaly of the Atlanta-based Trafalgar Group was one of the few (you can read about his exploits here).

Not far behind Trafalgar on the accuracy meter was Remington Research, a company whose swing state data this website frequently cited.

This week, Remington Research is out with a new post-election survey showing U.S. president-elect Donald Trump‘s improved political positioning with voters.

According to the data (.pdf), Trump is viewed favorably by 47 percent of Americans and unfavorably by 41 percent.  Meanwhile twelve percent say they have no opinion.

“Trump’s rebounding image could be attributed directly to the stock market,” pollster Titus Bond stated, citing 59 percent of respondents who believe recent surges in the market are attributable to Trump’s election.

Then there’s this nugget regarding Trump’s treatment at the hands of the mainstream media …

Americans also believe Trump is being treated unfairly by the media. Half of all Americans believe the media has been unfair in its coverage of Trump with 39% saying the media has been fair. The mainstream media is viewed negatively by 57% of Americans with just 25% viewing mainstream media outlets favorably.

Nice …

Remember that 57-25 percent spread the next time the media tells you that Trump is the devil.  Or that we have to overturn the results of the election so that America can go to war with Russia again.

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