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Jeff Duncan Rolls Out Terrorist Deportation Bill




U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina wants to reframe the national security debate in America – making it less about gun control and more about cracking down on radical Islamic terrorism.

Duncan’s “Terrorist Deportation Act” would make non-citizens on the Terrorist Screening Database (TSD) ineligible for travel to the United States. It would also revoke the visa of anyone already in the United States whose name is on the TSD – and commence expedited deportation proceedings.

Wait … government isn’t already deporting these people?

Um, no … nor is it deporting criminals.

According to Duncan, his legislation is a “better way” of addressing the issue that “harming the Second Amendment rights of American citizens.”

“It’s wrong to respond to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston, Chattanooga, Little Rock, San Bernardino, Orlando, St. Cloud, and Chelsea by punishing innocent, law-abiding Americans,” Duncan said in unveiling his legislation.  “My bill will refocus the debate on the real homeland security issue of Islamic Terrorism rather than the false narrative of gun control.  It is also important to remember that radical Islamic terrorists will use any and every tool at their disposal to kill those who oppose their beliefs; whether it is an airplane, a boat, truck, pressure-cooker, knife, or a gun.”

That’s true …

“Any government official who focuses on the method more than the terrorists themselves is making a disastrous mistake,” Duncan added.

(Banner image via U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan).