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Corruption Allegations Leveled Against Spartanburg Sheriff




Days after getting slapped with a lawsuit in connection with his annual “rolling fascism” exercise (a.k.a. civil asset forfeiture on steroids), Spartanburg, S.C. sheriff Chuck Wright is dealing with additional bad news.

Wright’s opponent in this November’s general election – Independence party candidate Russell Lynch – has reportedly provided federal law enforcement officials in Columbia, S.C. with “recently received information and evidence brought to his attention.”

What sort of information and evidence?  According to Lynch, he has obtained information pointing to “multiple instances of ethics violations and misconduct in office” involving Wright.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Lynch’s allegations involve “serious business” and “a lot of money” – and that the third party candidate “has proof” in the form of internal emails obtained from the Spartanburg, S.C. sheriff’s office.

According to Lynch, he turned these emails over to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents based in Columbia, S.C. earlier this week.

Because that’s exactly where people should take allegedly incriminating emails these days, right?

Anyway, Lynch plans to address the allegations against Wright in more detail at a press conference in front of the Spartanburg County court house (180 Magnolia Street) on Monday afternoon.

Obviously if we receive any additional information on Lynch’s allegations, we’ll update this post …

UPDATE: We just received the following statement from Lynch’s campaign …

Russell Lynch, candidate for Sheriff of Spartanburg County, was contacted August 3, 2016 by a person who felt he was in possession of some information that might be of interest to his campaign. Lynch met this person on August 9, 2016 and was given a jump drive containing approximately 2100 documents, mostly emails. Upon review Lynch was immediately aware that the correspondences were in reference to several different instances of possible unethical behavior, up to and including misconduct in office, by the current sheriff, Chuck Wright, and persons within his administration. Wrongdoings are for occurrences ranging from disregarding procurement ordinances to accepting gifts and benefits, all appearing to be outside the parameters of the South Carolina ethics laws. Lynch spoke with the person who gave him the jump drive several times over the past week, at which time he was also told of other instances of additional unprincipled behaviors by Sheriff Wright. Lynch states that nothing was asked for in return for the jump drive and nothing was offered. The person has agreed to cooperate fully with authorities in the investigation into these allegations. A copy of the jump drive was turned over to the FBI in Columbia this morning, August 15, 2016.