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Is Hillary Clinton Dying?




Last July Hillary Clinton‘s personal physician – Lisa Bardack of Westchester, New York – provided a glowing assessment of the candidate’s health.

“She is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States,” Bardack stated last July.

According to Bardack – who serves as the chief of internal medicine at Mount Kisco Medical Group – Clinton’s only medical issues were seasonal pollen allergies and “hypothyroidism.”

Is that true, though?

Over the last twenty-four hours the internet has been flooded with “unauthenticated” images of medical records allegedly obtained from Bardack’s office – records which paint a vastly different picture of the 69-year-old Democratic presidential nominee’s health.

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clinton medical record 001

clinton medical record 002

(Pics via Catholic.Org)

Are these documents legitimate?  Or are they the product of (wait for it) a “vast right wing conspiracy?”

Who knows … our guess is they’re probably fake.  Even if they are real, whoever leaked them broke the law – and there’s no way to confirm it (nor should there be).

Still, Clinton’s health has been making headlines ever since a video of her allegedly having some sort of seizure went viral late last month.

Matt Drudge poured fuel on the fire earlier this week when he tweeted a months-old picture of Clinton struggling to climb a flight of stairs in South Carolina …

Three-and-a-half years ago, CNN reported that Clinton was treated with blood thinners to dissolve a clot between her brain and skull behind her right ear.  That treatment followed a December 2012 concussion that Clinton sustained after she became dehydrated and fainted.

Doctors said at the time that Clinton was expected to make a full recovery from the blood clot – and Bardack’s 2015 report to the media suggested she did.

Did she really, though?

Frankly, Clinton health isn’t our concern.  We’re far more worried about her unchecked liberalismovert corruptioncrony capitalismneoconservative warmongering, criminal negligence and shady financial dealings.

Hell, the fact Clinton might be dying is the first positive thing we’ve heard about her …

Kidding, kidding …

Seriously, though, Clinton’s health is one seizure away from becoming a “thing.”