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Letter: Interstate 73 “Feedback”




Dear Editor,

Here’s a great story for you as a follow up to your recent piece on Interstate 73.  Did you know the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently requesting comments about this project?

Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy to comment.  I called and got the runaround asking them for an email address.  They finally gave me someone’s voicemail.

They seriously don’t expect people to mail in comments, do they? I think it’s obvious: They don’t want to know what the public thinks.

Maybe you can post an article with the comment information?  Or call down there and see for yourself how hard they’re making it for the public to comment?

Or perhaps you could have your readers contact the man in charge: Steve Brumagin.  His telephone number is: 803-253-3444.

Here’s his mailing address:

US Army Corps of Engineers Charleston District
Columbia Field Office 1835 Assembly Street,
Suite 865 B-1
Columbia, SC 29201.

Also, I found his email address on the internet … so maybe people will be able to comment quickly and easily on this project after all!





Anon: Great work.  Interstate 73 is the definition of an unnecessary transportation boondoggle – and its construction would drain billions of dollars away from legitimate infrastructure needs in South Carolina.  Thank you for providing the public with a way to share their concerns about this project.