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Texas Teacher’s Snapchat Misadventure




For those of you unhip, Snapchat is a photo/ text/ video app …

It exists, as far as we can tell, to facilitate the transfer of X-rated or risqué electronic communications.  In fact it’s known in some circles as the “Cheater’s App.”

Sure, there are plenty of people who use Snapchat for non-naughty purposes, but come on … what other utility could there be for an app that lets recipients view an image or video for only a few fleeting seconds?  And warns senders if recipients attempt to take a screen capture of their message? 

Who knows … maybe our minds are dirty.

One thing we do know: Snapchat is at the heart of a teacher sex scandal in Texas starring 28-year-old Kylie Rexann Modisette.

A.k.a., her …

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modisette mug

(Pic via Angelina County, Texas)

Modisette is an English teacher in the Huntington Independent School District.  In this capacity, she has been accused of (and has in fact admitted) sending multiple, sexually-explicit images to a fourteen-year-old boy back in December.

The boy – a former student of Modisette’s – claims he deleted the images from his phone, but other students allegedly took screenshots of them and distributed them to their peers.

Like this …

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(Pic via Pundit From Another Planet)

Impressive …

Modisette admitted sending the boy a pair of nude images via Snapchat, at which point she was arrested and charged with “distributing harmful material to a minor.”  She was released from jail after posting a $1,500 bond, and was placed on administrative leave – presumably pending the disposition of the charge filed against her.

Obviously this case is vastly different from an ongoing South Carolina “teacher pic” scandal – one in which nude images were stolen from a teacher’s phone and disseminated.

The student in that case – an unidentified 16-year-old male – has been charged with a computer crime and is awaiting sentencing.  Meanwhile the teacher, Leigh Anne Arthur, is suing the school district in Union County to get her job back.