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SC Comptroller’s Son Files Disclosure In Custody Drama




Remember the rumor that our founding editor, Will Folks, had fathered a child out of wedlock?  With a woman he’d never met?  Who lived three states away?

Yeah … we do.

This allegation – disproved by a paternity test – involved a Maryland woman by the name of Blair Pettrey, who has been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with Brad Eckstrom, son of South Carolina “Republican” comptroller general Richard Eckstrom (a.k.a. this freak show).

Currently the younger Eckstrom – deemed to be the “baby daddy” of the girl allegedly sired by Folks – is suing Pettrey in Maryland for full custody of the couple’s daughter, Emily Ruth Pettrey.

Why does the 39-year-old think he’d be a good father?  That’s a good question … as court documents indicate Eckstrom reported a monthly income of only $2,500.  Oh, and of that sum he’s reporting paying absolutely nothing on a monthly basis toward his infant daughter’s care.

Take a look … (.pdf here).

Yikes …

Brad Eckstrom received pretrial intervention in the fall of 2014 after criminal domestic violence (CDV) charges were filed against him for allegedly punching, kicking and grabbing Pettrey.  Eckstrom’s record has been expunged, though – a sweetheart deal that was announced right as “Republican” leaders in South Carolina were vowing to take “action” on the issue of domestic violence.

Anyway, we’ll continue to keep an eye on this case … as well as the latest drama involving Richard Eckstrom, who has another three years left on his term as the Palmetto State’s top accountant.

Gotta love these “family values Republicans,” right?