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SC Personhood Rally Planned




Supporters of personhood – or civil rights from the moment of conception – will stage a rally at the S.C. State House later this month.

The event – organized by former congressional candidate Richard Cash – will be held on Wednesday, March 16.  Its goal is to encourage lawmakers in the S.C. General Assembly to put a personhood amendment on the statewide ballot this year.

Specifically, Cash’s organization – Personhood S.C. – is hoping lawmakers will pass H. 4093/ S. 719, companion bills which would amend the South Carolina constitution to extend the right to life “to both born and preborn persons beginning at conception.”

“The window of opportunity is open to put the Personhood Amendment on November’s ballot, but it won’t be for long,” Cash wrote in an email to his supporters.

Currently fifty-three members of the S.C. House of Representatives – including powerful Speaker Jay Lucas – are listed as sponsors of the legislation.  You would think that level of support might mean the bill would see some forward motion in this “Republican-controlled” chamber, but as of this writing it has been languishing in the House judiciary committee since last April.

Weak, huh?

Guess House “Republicans” were busy doing other things.

In the State Senate, the personhood bill has eleven sponsors – and has similarly been languishing at the committee level.

Will anyone step up and move these bills forward?  We doubt it …

Most “Republicans” at the S.C. State House aren’t really pro-life … they just want to be seen as pro-life.

We support personhood amendments because we believe in the right to life.  We also support fixing the state’s broken adoption laws so that it’s easier for women who decide to choose life.

“You can’t tell women not to abort and then make adoption difficult,” one of our pro-choice readers recently told us.

That’s a fair point …

Anyway, for more information on the Personhood movement in South Carolina, click here.

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