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Media-Regulating SC Lawmaker To Respond To Critics




S.C. Rep. Mike Pitts – sponsor of a controversial bill to regulate the media industry in the Palmetto State – will pen an editorial early next week outlining his position and responding to the general furor it has created.

Pitts’ piece will reportedly be submitted to all of the state’s mainstream media outlets and several new media outlets – including this one.

What will the retired law enforcement officer (who has actually adopted some sensible positions in the past) have to say on his behalf?

Good question … although judging from his initial responses to the controversy, Pitts is likely to play the “competing liberties” card.

From what we can gather, Pitts is upset at the media for its advocacy on behalf of several anti-Second Amendment bills currently being pushed through the S.C General Assembly.  He apparently wants to put the MSM on notice that defending Constitutional liberty should not be limited to those moments when the media’s own First Amendment freedom comes under the microscope.

Of course we don’t presume to speak for Pitts … we will wait to hear what he has to say for himself.

Whatever Pitts’ rationale for advancing proposed media regulation … we do not support it.  And while we’re sure this is all about making a larger point – we’re not sure Pitts has picked an especially persuasive method of engagement.

Having said that, we look forward to publishing Pitts’ column – as we have in the past when he has articulated positions on issues where we disagree.

Even when we don’t see eye-to-eye with him, he’s a thoughtful guy and we are happy to lend him our microphone … as we are happy to lend it to anyone willing to express their views on issues.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography